3 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Dog

3 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Dog

Adding a new furry member to the family is always an exciting venture. A new dog, whether it’s the first for your family or the tenth, is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s what you should consider before heading to the shelter to pick out your new best friend…

Your Reasons for Wanting a Dog
There are many wonderful reasons to get a new dog, but it’s important not to jump the gun when actually going to pick one out. Do you have an older dog who may not have much time left? Do you want a playmate for the kids? Do you simply enjoy the companionship? Or are you planning to work the dog, be it on a farm, for protection, or for another purpose? Be honest about why you want to add a new member to your pack so you can make the best choice.

Your Family
Do you live alone or have a large family? Are you an active person or do you often stay in the house for enjoyment? Are there children in your home, or just adults? Are there any elderly family members that will be interacting with the dog? How committed is the rest of your family to caring for your new dog? All of these questions can impact the type of dog you should bring home. If there are children or infants in the house, a calm, docile pup would be best. If you’re an avid runner, a high-energy dog who can join you on a jog might be a great fit.

Your Finances
There’s no way to sugarcoat this… DOGS ARE EXPENSIVE. The adoption fee is the smallest fee you’ll ever pay for your dog (unless you buy an expensive purebred perhaps). Annual check-ups, monthly flea & tick prevention and monthly heartworm prevention (yes, you really do need both of those), unexpected illnesses (1 in 3 dogs gets some form of cancer in their lifetime), and boarding fees are just some of the things you’ll need to cash out for when you have a pup. You need to be honest about whether or not you can afford a new dog. It isn’t fair to the pet if you bring them home only to realize you can’t afford their heartworm prevention and they later die of the disease. Dogs are wonderful to have, but we have to take our finances into account before committing to them.


Dogs are amazing pets and wonderful companions. Whether they brighten your day by running around with your little ones on the lawn all afternoon or they protect your herd day and night on the farm, they truly are man’s best friend. If you’ve considered why you want a new dog, what kind of dog might be right for your family, and you can afford the commitment, head over to our partner article on choosing the right dog. Good luck finding your perfect pup and enjoy all those wet kisses from an adorable new furry face!

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