About Angie

Angie15Angie has an amazing approach to canine behavior based on a natural, holistic and, most importantly, instinctual way of thinking; she is educating people about the difference between Human Psychology and Dog Psychology. Angie does not consider herself a dog trainer, she calls herself the canine problem solver. Her fresh approach has been hailed as revolutionary by teaching others about centering the human before we begin teaching them about the dog.

Addressing unwanted behaviors isn’t just an issue for the dog to resolve. Angie brings activities for people to help the elements that they need to strengthen personally in order to be strong, confident, and consistent pack leaders. Yoga and meditation for those who need to relax, martial arts for those who need confidence, massage, acupuncture and chiropractics for all humans and pups. Angie takes you deep into your awareness of self because when you are more conscious, you will live a more balanced life with your dog. Period.

With more than 25 years of professional experience working with dogs Angie’s knowledge has helped many owners and their dogs. When Angie was a toddler her family noticed her obsession with all animals and that she had a special connection with them. (Her family would often her Ellie Mae referring to the animal loving family member of The Beverly Hillbillies.)

When Angie was a young mom she operated a grooming DSC_0749business from her home. Many other groomers would send the dogs whose temperament or rambunctiousness they could not handle. As her children began to get older she started volunteering at a local vet clinic as a veterinary technician. She then spent the next 17 years in veterinary medicine and then spent the last 6 years of her medical experience involved in wildlife rehabilitation. Whilst working at the veterinary clinic she became known for helping with unstable dogs. This then grew into clients of the clinic turning to her for help with their dog’s behavior problems.

As the years passed Angie focused on learning everything she could about canine behavior. She attended university behavior seminars, read books and completed educational courses but most importantly she began living with a pack of dogs. She made it a point to study and be an involved observer of dogs. Nowadays, Angie and her son Josh run U.S. Canine, a rehabilitation center that specializes in dogs with aggression, fears, phobias, and other behavioral issues, located in the metro Atlanta area.

Now known as “the Atlanta Dog Whisperer” and dog behavior expert, Angie has been labeled the “Dr. Phil” of the dog world. Dog owners want to know techniques that really work. She delivers real solutions with her tell it like it is approach.

“Once we stop talking we begin to learn. Watch, observe, and emulate.”

What does Angie mean by “Natural Holistic Approach?”
Think about the animal being given the opportunity to be in a natural environment and amongst their own species. In other words, what is the natural behavior of the animal?

Angie really breaks the information down and helps people understand why they have trouble with their dogs and what they can do about it. People want real solutions that work and Angie’s lessons are life lessons, not just dog lessons.

“Come learn to be the leader that your dog dreamed you would be.”


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