Do Dogs Talk?

Do Dogs Talk?

How do dogs communicate?

We have already mentioned that dogs are not a verbal species. So how do they communicate? It’s actually pretty logical: Since they are animals they communicate in an animalistic way.

Animals communicate in a number of ways without using “words”.

1. Eye Contact

Remember how your mom used to look at you? It could be a soft loving look or it could be a “I’m serious, don’t do that” look. It’s all about the energy behind the look. It’s the same for our dogs. You may have noticed that some dogs don’t even like to make eye contact. (Most often this is seen in shy or fearful dogs.)

2. Energy

What is energy? Have you ever passed someone in public a place or had the elevator door open and you felt something strange, a creepy vibe? That’s energy!

We humans have it; it’s just a matter of awakening your instincts to it. We humans gained language eons ago and we lost most of our instincts. But, we can regain them, and we just need to practice. Be quiet and become more in tune.

This is the most important part of animal communication. Dogs are so in tune to energy that we just can’t talk about it enough. We have all heard “the dogs know we are afraid”, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dogs also know when you’re weak, strong, happy, upset or depressed. Whatever you’re feeling they know. Now, YOU must first become aware of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking in order to change your energy so that you can start changing your dog’s behavior. Most of us are just going about our way, unaware of what we’re thinking and feeling. Almost on auto pilot, if you will. Awareness and consciousness is key.

3. Body language

Body Language is a huge component. Just think about it: If you’re feeling strong and confident you are upright and erect. When you observe someone, can’t you see how they feel? Or what type of personality they have? Body language is an integral component to all communication whether it be human or dogs.

But remember animals in general are much more in tune to this nonverbal way of communicating than we are. Again we gained a spoken language. People could lie to each other and be deceptive but you can’t lie to a dog. What you feel and what you’re thinking is plainly displayed on your sleeve. What you think is what you project and your dog will pick up on it.

And remember; dogs follow confidence. So let’s practice being a strong, confident and benevolent leader. Don’t talk! Dogs do not care what you say, and they don’t speak English. They have no verbal language and this can be very hard for an extremely verbal human to grasp. “No!” means nothing if the dog doesn’t feel the energy behind it.

So give it a try… Shhhh….be quiet.


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