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Rescue University


During a four-hour seminar, Rescue University gives both dog professionals and owners a way to network with other rescues and shelters, while also giving tips on how to make the right match with dog and person by evaluating temperaments and behavioral issues. Instruction is also given on different ways to sharpen dog handling skills. We want to make it possible for even the hardest pup to be adopted, and we want to help dog, rescue, and new owners succeed.

While many of these skills are more useful for those working at and with rescues, shelters, doggie daycare, or foster families, owners of rescue dogs will also benefit from the techniques shared.

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Don’t miss out on our Mind.Body.Spirit.Dog. workshops!

Mind. Body. Spirit. Dog. are currently 1 to 2 day interactive workshops for both humans and their dogs to achieve total health. Our workshops range from physical activities such as agility and lure courses to spiritual and emotional exercises such as energy healing (reiki) and dog yoga sessions.

Please note: Our M.B.S.D. events are NOT for dogs with human, fear, or dog aggression. All dogs MUST be friendly on and off leash. These behavioral issues should be addressed during private sessions at our U.S. Canine rehabilitation center.

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