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Mind. Body. Spirit. Dog. is a philosophy at the root of all dog psychology: balance the human in order to rehab the dog to live a happy, peaceful life. Addressing unwanted behaviors isn’t just an issue for the dog to resolve. In our M.B.S.D. events, Angie will provide her students with the activities and knowledge they will need in order to become strong, confident, and balanced individuals. After all, we are firm believers that you can’t pass what you don’t have!

Mind. Body. Spirit. Dog. are currently 1 to 2 day interactive workshops that give humans and their dogs a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of their every day lives and take time to focus on their total well being and become more in touch with their instincts and Mother Nature. In order to achieve total health, our workshops range from physical activities such as agility and lure courses to spiritual and emotional exercises such (reiki) energy healing and dog yoga sessions. Mind. Body. Spirit. Dog. events will also include special guest speakers who are prevalent in the dog community giving exclusive mini-workshops and seminars.

Please read: Our M.B.S.D. events are NOT for dogs with human, fear, or dog aggression. All dogs MUST be friendly on and off leash. These behavioral issues should be addressed during private sessions at our U.S. Canine rehabilitation center.


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