M.B.S.D. Summer Retreat 2014

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Please read: Dog Psychology 101 events are NOT for dogs with human, fear, or dog aggression. All dogs MUST be friendly on and off leash. These behavioral issues should be addressed during private sessions at our U.S. Canine rehabilitation center. If your dog is deemed aggressive at the time of the workshop you will be dismissed without a refund.

Join us this Summer for our Mind.Body.Spirit.Dog. total wellness retreat where our goal is to help active dog owners achieve balance and strengthen their mind, body, spirit, and relationship with their four-legged best friend. We’ll take you and your pup on a journey to awaken your instincts and step out of your comfort zone with new activities and practices you may not be familiar with. From agility classes to yoga for dogs, animal therapy and holistic healing workshops, the knowledge and tools you will gain from this retreat will be indispensable.

Lunches are included in the ticket pricing. Camping areas on the Canine Ranch’s private campground are available at no-cost. If you do not prefer to camp, there are other pet-friendly housing options to choose from. All participants must fill our our preregistration form.


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Meet Our Team

225_Tim,_Woody_and_BuzzTim Link, Animal Communicator and Practitioner

Tim Link is an author, writer, speaker, nationally syndicated radio show host, president and CEO of Wagging Tales and is a full-time animal communicator.  As part of his passion for helping animals, Tim also has mastered Reiki – an ancient art of energy healing – which he uses on animals. Tim has recently been featured in numerous
newspaper, television and radio shows and is a journalist for well-known columns such as Dogster. In February 2004, Tim learned (with great surprise) that he could communicate telepathically with animals.  Until then, he had no idea that he had this ability.  Initially, Tim never intended to let many people know about his newfound gift.  He practiced with his own pets and those of his family and close friends as well as those boarded at the local rescue shelter.  As he continued to practice on more and more animals, he noticed his gift was getting stronger. Since his gift continued to expand and could not be ignored, he decided to embrace this new way of helping animals.  Tim officially formed Wagging Tales in November 2007 to communicate with animals and their owners, and to perform Reiki energy healing on pets.
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aprilDr. April Warhola, Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder of Bow Wow Yoga for Dogs

April received a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2003 from LaGrange College and moved to Spartanburg, SC to begin her chiropractic studies at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. One year into the program, she moved to Marietta, GA and completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2007 at Life University.Dr. April Warhola grew up in a small town south of Atlanta – Sharpsburg, Georgia and enjoyed a memorable childhood with her mom, dad and two sisters. It is no mere chance that she decided to serve others through the healing power of chiropractic. Her grandfather was a pioneer in the profession and two uncles are in practice today.April lives a life of gratitude and is on an endless journey to better the world by bettering herself, learning the art of love and being humbled by the lessons along the way. Her inspiration comes from the arts, movies, music, good company, good food, books and nature. When she is not in the Café, you can often find her taking long walks with her dogs Zander and Violet.
Bow Wow Yoga for Dogs was founded by Dr. April Warhola and co-created by yogi, Jared Dawson. Yoga for dogs is designed to assist with the wellbeing of your dog’s body using stretching and massage techniques while offering you tools to help your animal gain confidence and ease for a more desirable life. Our goal is to not only guide you and your pup through a compassionate yoga series, but to also offer you skills and tools to enhance the joyful experience between you and your dog on a daily basis.
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