Top 2 Reasons Mutts Are The Best Dogs

Top 2 Reasons Mutts Are The Best Dogs

Dogs are the best. That’s obvious… but what is the best breed of dog to have? We say it’s a mutt! In honor of the Humane Society’s National Mutt Month, we’re giving you the top 2 reasons mutts really are the best:

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#1. Hybrid Vigor

In nature, there’s such a thing as “hybrid vigor”. Hybrid, meaning two or more things mixed into one. Vigor, meaning strength. When two or more breeds of dogs are mixed into one adorable little mutt, your pup is more likely to be a healthy, happy furbaby! And who doesn’t want that?

#2. Rescue A Dog = Save a Life

Most rescue dogs are mutts or mixes of some kind. Some are purebred, especially if you go through a breed specific rescue organization, but many are watered down and are really a beautiful mélange of one or more breed of pooch. We can’t express how important it is to rescue dogs rather than to buy a dog from a breeder. You can find plenty of literature out there about how harmful breeders are. Just remember when looking for your next pet, Adopt – Don’t Shop!

While there’s nothing wrong with a purebred beauty, remember that mutts really are the best furry friends you can have.

And just to brighten your day, here’s a photo of Button, one of our favorite cattle dog mutts. Don’t you want one of your own?

Button says, “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”

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